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                      Design                                          Staircase Fabrication

                        Platform                                Finished Product Installed

Star Lake Fabrication Sign Cut on CNC Plasma Cutter, Sandblasted, and Powder Coated.

Ramrod Welding Sign Cut on the CNC Plasma Cutter, Sandblasted and Powder Coated.

60' Support Tower, Laser Cut and MIG Welded.  Sandblasted and powder coated.

Powder Coated Belt Guard and Cover.

Small Run of TRX450ER Battery Boxes - CNC Plasma Cut and MIG Welded.

Small Production Run of YFZ450R Battery Boxes and Breather Box Mounts, CNC Plasma Cut and Bent on the Box Brake.

                              Kubota BX ROPS Tool Box Mount.

TIG Welded, Sandblasted and powder coated.

Large Sandblasting / Paint Rack 

Constructed using 4x4 -1/4 wall Tubing and 4" Channel Iron.